Be a part of the Marcus Gavey Community.

The Marcus Gavey community is a 2000 acre land with all the amenities you dream of. Its a community for the diasporans to live and settle in Africa.

The Marcus Garvey community is a 2000 arce land located in Odumase Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The prupose of the community is to give an opportunity to the African diasporans to be able to buy a land and build a home in Africa, and possibly relocate and settle in Africa. It has all the amenities that a community would need. Some few include, hospital, school, shopping mall, restuarants, playgrounds etc. The aim of Pan African Rising Movement is to help the black diasporans to relocate and settle in Africa, to find a sense of belonging and be part of the Africans on the main land.

Buy a land in the community

How do I become a member of this community?

Send us an email showing your interest and we will contact you and walk you through all the process you will have to go through to buy a piece of land in this community. We will also help you in the planning and development of the land.