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Exodus Events

Our Exodus event, for diasporans to Africa happens throughout the year with several packages to choose from

8 Days Trip, Ghana

Visit Ghana for 8 days, trace the slave path of your ancestors and connect with the people

Kenya & Tanzania

Visit Kenya and Tanzania in 12 days and explore the people, culture and life style

8 Days, Cameroon

Visit Cameroon, explore all that the culture has and connect with the natives of the land.

Jirapa, Ghana

Visit Jirapa in Ghana for 8 days, and stay in a resort in the northern community of Ghana

Customized Trip

Customized trip for group of 6 and above. Choose a date & place. we will make it happen

Exodus Month

30 days of funfair and education. Happens once a year in one African country each year

Want to make a difference?

You can donate in cash or kind to support communities in Africa